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We are located in Spokane, WA, owned and operated by John and Jean Linstrum. John and Jean manufacture and market a variety of gourmet caramels…plain, salted, espresso, cherry and pecan.

Totally made from scratch from natural products, just like Gramma used to make! Moon Creek Gourmet Sweets began out of a love of cooking for friends and family.

Whether the occasion is gifting, rewarding, or a simple retreat from brain overload, something sweet is often a reliable ally to the cause and Moon Creek Gourmet Sweets caramels offer solutions for those occasions.

Our buttery smooth, hand crafted caramel, plain or flavored with natural ingredients such as Pecans, Montmorency Cherries, Tom Sawyer Viking Double Dark roast coffee or the ever popular salt crystal topping, will make its own statement without preservatives, extenders or artificial flavors and colors.

Producing in small batch quantity allows us to control each step with appropriate attention to detail and ensuring your ultimate pleasure in each piece. While we are constantly developing new flavors, we encourage you to try these four proven winners.

We encourage our customers to share Moon Creek Gourmet Sweets with friends and to sign up for sampling our new flavors as they develop. We welcome comments through Facebook and our Reviews.

We look forward to serving you with the best gourmet caramels that money can buy.

"...Best I've ever tasted but careful, they are addicting!" Terri D.

Gourmet Caramel Flavors

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Please call 509-822-5900 for bulk and commercial pricing. Thank you for taking the time to check us out online. You can also save on shipping when you call for the latest information of what shows or where we are at locally in the Spokane WA area.

Enjoy These Selections

Buy Gourmet Butter Caramels

Made to put even the most important thought on hold with the smooth, buttery flavor that defines gourmet. Nothing is added to these so that the taste of pure gourmet caramel can be enjoyed by itself.


Buy Gourmet Licorice Caramels

Try our Gourmet Licorice Caramels with added 100% pure anise oil. Our buttery smooth house specialty caramels infused with a pure licorice flavor.  An amazing flavor of caramel and licorice, an awesome pairing?  A must try and an excellent addition to our collection of gourmet goodness infused with five star flavor.


Buy Gourmet Cherry Caramels

A truly great compliment to our gourmet butter caramel. Washington-grown Montmorency Cherries are blended into our butter caramel to lock in the unique and addictive flavor of this highly nutritious fruit.


“Chewy nirvana,”  Dave M

Buy Gourmet Espresso Caramels

Tom Sawyer Espresso Caramels
With over 50 years of coffee roasting experience, Gary Sawyer, owner of Tom Sawyer Coffee Roasting Company, has provided Moon Creek with the perfect blend of coffee (Viking Double Dark Roast) to create a marriage between two potent commodities; butter caramel and coffee.  Long known as a potent combination by coffee consumers, it satisfies the Jones for gourmet coffee and gourmet caramel while eliminating the cumbersome cup and subsequent spillage.  Now you can enjoy your Caramel Macchiato and not wear it.


Gourmet Butter Rum Caramels

Our buttery smooth house specialty caramels infused with rum flavor.  An amazing flavor and taste that is out of this world.  A must try and an excellent addition to our collection of gourmet goodness infused with five star flavor.


"These handmade treats are wonderful." Amy S.

Buy Gourmet Pecan Caramels

Fresh roasted pecans, blended into our butter caramel create a memory invoking moment with the first bite that demands a second. This classic blend of pure ingredients is a favorite with our customers. Closing one’s eyes while enjoying a Moon Creek Gourmet Pecan Caramel will intensify and enhance the experience, and therefore, should not be done while driving.


Buy Gourmet Salted Caramels

Sea salt crystals sprinkled on top of fresh made butter caramel will create a unique taste sensation that can only be experienced and not imagined.


"John and Jean have Amazing customer service and their Caramels are amazing!!!!..." Rosemarie T

Buy Gourmet Caramels Assorted Flavors Package

Can’t make up your mind choose multiple flavors with our Gourmet Caramels Assorted Flavors Packages. Your choice of our assorted flavors. In the drop down menus below choose up to four different flavors in 1/4 pound packages.  When you get to checkout at paypal you can choose as many pounds as you want.


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Moon Creek Gourmet Sweets

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